“Monty has what it takes to make a difference at City Hall – integrity, honesty and a sincere commitment to his community.”

-Dan Stanford, former chair, California Fair Political Practices Commission

“Fairness and equal treatment under the law are fundamental to restoring respect and credibility in local government. Both as an African American and as a former judge, I trust Monty McIntyre to contribute to that restoration.”

-Retired Federal Magistrate Judge William McCurine

“I’ve known and respected Monty McIntyre for years. As a member of the City Council, he will address the tough challenges facing our city and protect the public interest.”

-Marc Adelman, Past President of the State Bar of California, Past President of the San Diego County Bar Association

“As a City Councilmember, Monty McIntyre will be a straight shooter who will carefully analyze facts and work hard and intelligently with others to address the issues facing our City.”

-Paul Kennerson, Past President of the La Jolla Town Council

“Monty McIntyre has contributed his time, talents and money to support our community-based music therapy non-profit serving our veterans, children with terminal illness, seniors, and fragile babies with heart disease and other major issues.”

-Mychelle Morwy, President of Resounding Joy, a non-profit providing and promoting music therapy


“I’ve known and respected Monty McIntyre for years. Monty was an excellent President of the San Diego County Bar Association and I know he will be an outstanding member of the San Diego City Council.”

- Heather L. Rosing, individually (President of the California Lawyers Association and Past President of the San Diego County Bar Association)

“Monty McIntyre believes in inclusion and respect for all members of our community. That’s why I support his candidacy for San Diego City Council.”

-Todd Stevens, Past President of San Diego County Bar Association

“Monty McIntyre is a highly capable and experienced leader in our San Diego community who will raise the bar at City Hall and will work tirelessly to make San Diego the very best that it can be.”

-Brigadier General Michael I. Neil (Ret.), Former Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton